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Salt of Ishigaki presents

Moon and Ocean Retreat 

in Ishigaki Island

We are professional of creating sea salts in Ishigaki Island. 
Ishigaki Island is a part of the Group of Islands,

located at the southernmost tip of Japan, called the Yaeyama Islands.

The life here is connected by the condition of nature,

like the sun, the moon, the forest, the ocean, and the water. 
Living with the forth of nature created. 
The forth of nature is the charm of the Yaeyama Islands.

Salt of Ishigaki presents the blessing of Ocean Salt. 
Here is the information about the retreat experience.

Retreat  Story

Gentle and Tender blessings of the Earth

Moon and Ocean Retreat

moon and ocean

salt and us

This retreat is a story that leads to the origin of our existence 

The Yaeyama Islands are also known as ISLAND of MOON 
due to the number of moon-related festivals

Ishigaki Island is the representative of the Yaeyama Island

 The Yaeyama Islands is the birthplace of salt making 
and has about history of 300 years long

Here on Ishigaki Island, in Nagura Bay

Mineral salt production has been worked out
with the rhythm of the moon since ancient times 

"moon" as an object of nature worship
"salt" as a symbol of 
receiving mystic energy in Shinto rituals 

closely related to the lives of the islanders

Island of Moon 

The Yaeyama Islands






The origin of island culture


Recede / Retract / Retire 

Refuge / Hideaway / Sanctuary

Origin Regression






Look at the "moon" and feel the "ocean"

Look at the "ocean" and feel the "salt"

within myself


gently and tenderly back to yourself


- the blessings of the Earth -


Moon and Ocean Retreat​

Know Yourself



Moon and You 



Ocean and You

More Details

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