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#01 Emotional ties with

Ishigaki Island

and Our Salt

Concider of the making Salt

Ingredients for our salt is.....
ONLY rich in sea.
That's everything!


"NAGURA" means "the place of the gathering
with the young of fish" by local dialect.
Sometimes people come to here to catch the fish, clam,
seaweed etc for thier dinner.
What we treasure is "fit in the nature" as much as possible.

We believe the making Salt is
souce of the life...

"We do not make the salt just help only,
 NATURE  in Nagura Bay, Ishigaki Island make the salt!"
SHIO-SHOKUNIN ( craftman of the salt )  said
with confidence viewing the sea...


by SHIO-SHOKUNIN with thier sences and wisdom


We will know the condition of the sea from the coral reef.
The picture of the coral below which using for the wrapping of our product,
it indicate the condition of our a sluice gate.


Our Salt

We follow the traditional way to make the salt
also harmony with modern way .
This making way is awarded of the Patent Office 
as "eco-friendly"

The first,
Take sea water from Nagura Bay

Civilization now, easy to do the mass‐produce.
But for us? No.
We start slowly to simmer the sea water with cauldron then expose to the sun drying.
You can image it really depends on the weather!
Normally we take three days for drying in the summer season but winter period,
we take more than one month only for drying 
like "island time"...


Behind of our factory, There is the beautiful beach.
Yes, that is "Nagura Bay" one of the national park.

This beach is shallow and rich biodiversity
as famous about coral reef, seaweed forest.

Well, our intake pipe is going to 1.5 km off the coast
to the west in the zigzag
because we do not want to disturb the coral there.

DAY 1;
Simmer of the sea water

Process of making the salt, we have the different way to dry like sun-drying, simmered etc.


Well, this time let's introduce our simmered way. 

After take the sea water from 1.5km off the coast,
filter out seaweed etc then pour into the big pot
up to 80% then ignite.
There is long way to go. Just start from now on.


​DAY 2;
Simmer away with slowly

Getting the salt of cystal on the surface.
"it is like a baby of the salt".
Then continue to simmer again again and again...
The time goes by slowly with Island breeze...


​Day 3;
Carefully as many times as needed


Finally get crystal of the salt.
Yes, this is the really fresh salt.
How beautiful like a jewel!

SHIO-SHOKUNIN scoop up the salt with a net
one by one...


Sometimes SHIO-SHOKUNIN crush the salt
as per request of the customers.


Get rid of an obstacle by SHIO-SHOKUNIN.
They find the small things by handwork even other staff can not find. How professional is!

Our factory manager said
"Being nothing without the human power".
Yes, we agree. We tried a lot of way from begging then finally we knew, "Simple is the best". 



Our most popluar salt is "Low Temparature drying" which is kind of the steam drying.
And Rosted Salt, we roast low teparature drying salt a few hours.
It is getting like powder so very good as table salt. 


After boiled three days, dry in the "Greenhouse".
Surely, this salt depends on the weather.
During summer season, inside greenhouse is getting over than 70℃ it means take a few days for drying.
But winter period, sometimes take more than one month.
Of course the taste is different with our most popular low temparature drying salt because of the mineral balance.

After take the crystal salt, sea water is getting the "BITTERN".
It has the high mineral like a natural liquid supplement.

So sea water is NOTHING FOR WASTE at all!



Through being
          with nature

Our salt made from 100% sea water only.
We think this salt is the gift from the sea.
So we should coexist with nature
and leave it to posterlity.

After Tyhoon here, our pipe have a lot of damage then
we need to repair from the begging.
When we dive to check the sluice gate,
many moray eel, octopus try to make the place they live.
So we need to take them first then start to repair of our pipe.
However we think it is the Nature also it means
a lot of creatures live in this bay.
It show up to us there are good condition even very hard to repair our pipe.

We always appreciate with our beautiful sea,
Nagura Bay, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa!
And we keep continue to our way with

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