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#02 Emotional ties with

Ishigaki Island

and Our Salt


Mysteries of the sea


Before make the salt,
most important things is the sea water 
which is the ingredients of our salt.
Why so different with others are ...


Well, let's see about our beautiful sea, Nagura Bay!

Most biggest Bay in Ishigaki Island, Nagura bay 

Around 20 mins by car from down town in Ishigaki Island,
there is Nagura Bay behind our factory.
This Bay is most biggest bay in Ishigaki Island
and one of national park as Ramsar Convention.

The blue colour spreading out, the glittering ocean.....
So we lost track of time unconsciously.

Need to protect our the Coral and Sea

Yaeyama Islands are one of the famous place for diving
in the world.
Even only snorkel,
you can see beautiful corals and many fishes.

But recently, we really worry about coral bleaching
because of global warming.
So people in here are trying to handle this issue.

Greatful to this beautiful Sea

From ancient times, we live together with our sea.
And the sea is one of our life.
That is why we hope and need to keep this beautiful sea.

Also we believe mystical nature in the deep sea.

Always our sea give somthings to us even we can not see.  

Maybe it is one of the spice for our Salt?
So we are very appreciate of our beautiful sea, Nagura Bay!

The most biggest sea of coral reef is around here
between Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island,
we called "Seki Sei Shouko".
This coral ecological system is called source of the corals in Japan
and it is really valuable in the world. 

Well, Seki Sei Shouko coral-reef fund is always welcome about donation for preserve this corals.
If you are interesting about it, please search below;

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