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moon and ocean retreat
Moon and Sea Retreat

Blessings of the gentle and round earth

3 days



The water in our bodies is the sea

Born from the "sea" of the mother's amniotic fluid

Having "sea" in the body

Breathe like the waves that come and go

Fills and wanes like the moon

through us

this round earth

The circling "sea"

Look at the "moon" and feel the "sea"

Look at the "moon" and call it the inner "sea"

feel me

Gently soften

Born from the blessings of the earth (salt)

Moon and Sea Retreat.

Hope month, first day

-new moon-

full moon, thanksgiving day

-full moon-

Full Moon Waning Quarter Held in conjunction with the new moon.

​Consultation for other schedules

Please feel free to contact us.


1st day

Theme: Tuning with Sea & Islands

10:30 Gathering

    Ishigaki Airport or Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal


11:30 everyoneIsland soul food lunch

12:00Face only on full moon days and new moon days

To the beach of the god of salt that never comes out

        5th month new month salt welcome

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   self introduction

        ・海のフローティング meditation

(meditation at sea)

16:00 Hotel check-in

19:00 Sunset Dinner (BBQ)

22:00 Tuning with the moon if the weather is good

[Meditation] & Free time

(It is also recommended to be in the sea)   



2nd day

Theme: Liberation of the five senses  / Being / Playing

(spending without a sense of purpose)

 8:00 morning SEA bath / Breathing & Stretching

 9:00 Breakfast: Seasonal island juice

10:00 Lunch shopping at a local shop

    forest or swamp

    ☆Lunch and tea time in the forest

(Beverages and food on your own)

14:00 to the beach

  Meditation time


18:00 Dinnerisland meal

(Drinks and food are at your own expense)

22:00 Stargazing☆It shines perfectly depending on the weather

You can observe the Milky Way




No upcoming events at the moment
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