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delicious relationship

Ishigaki Island and Ishigaki salt

special feature

There are over 8,000 kinds of salt in the world.
It is said that there isfull of diversity
Interested in "Salt of Ishigaki" among many kinds of salttop
Thank you very much.
This special pageWhere is the salt of Ishigaki in Japan?
Born in the forest, the sea, the salt of Ishigaki, and natureconnection of
The secret of deliciousness
perceive it sensuouslyI would appreciate it.
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Ishigaki Island and Ishigaki salt

delicious relationship

​ What is Ishigaki Salt?


About 2000 km southwest of Tokyo

Japan's southernmost Yaeyama Islands

Taketomi Island, Kohama Island, Yonaguni Island, Hatoma Island

・Hateruma Island・Kuroshima・Iriomote Island・Aragusuku Island・

"Ishigaki no Shio" is nurtured by unique islands

Ishigaki Island and a group of small islands,

The bounty of the Yaeyama Islands is jam-packed

100% salt made by islanders.


"What is Ishigaki salt?"

Raw material is seawater only


  add nothing


don't add

"Friendly to People and Nature"

is the concept salt.


Ishigaki salt always asks itself.

"What is morality to be kind to people?"


“What is coexistence with the earth and the natural environment?”

“What should Ishigaki salt look like?”​

"Salt of Ishigaki"

"A more comfortable experience with a smile and peace of mind"

Ingredients from babies to adults

Gentle to people and nature for many people

serve to provide

That is the vision of Ishigaki Salt.

"Social Activities"

islandWe also naturally

relationship is not perfect.

Balance formation with forests and coral reefs on the earth

Based on the basic principle of Ishigaki no Shio, part of the sales of "Ishigaki no Shio" purchased by customers will be used for the "Environmental Balance Program for Corals and Forests" in line with the island's original natural environment conservation activity program. I have received it.

Currently, there is already abandoned farmland (10,000m2).”

Forest area with local collaborators

We are increasing.

From now on, Ishigaki's unique environmental preservation project

We will move forward with the program.


​ Yaeyama islands that nurture the salt of Ishigaki

ANA, JAL, PEACH, etc. to the Yaeyama IslandsThere are direct flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Osaka and overseas.From Ishigaki Island, the main islandYou can visit each island.


Ishigaki Island

Yonaguni Island

Iriomote Island

Hatoma Island

Kohama Island

Taketomi Island


Aragusuku Island

Hateruma Island

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