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immunity and salt

In the corona era, in Japan, fermented foods, etc. are being taken up by various media and influencers as being effective in boosting immunity. Vitamins and minerals are the top selling supplements, according to information that it is effective for increasing In China, which is next door, it is said that kudzu root, which is a Chinese medicine, has the effect of warming the body and is effective, so it seems that Chinese medicine is selling mainly with the idea of improving immunity. There are various evidences on how to improve immunity, and as a result of thinking about what salt and immunity might be, salt is also a kind of mineral (mainly sodium). As a characteristic mechanism of salt in the body, it will be in the following order.

① Eating salt ➝ ② Increases blood flow (increase in blood pressure) ➝ ③ Raises body temperature ➝ ④ Activates the body's immune system ➝ ⑤ Suppresses the growth of extracorporeal bacteria inside the body.


There is also a way of thinking that the cold is the source of all kinds of diseases. It has also been used to make salt water and gargle since ancient times.

It might be a good idea to take this opportunity to study what salt and minerals are.


From all the salt craftsmen in Ishigaki who aim to make salt that feels "delicious" and "safe"!

​For people with atopic allergies


Today, people with atopy and allergies are probably living with a lot of hardships every day, but it is said that in the past, atopy and allergies were not as common as they are today. Atopy and allergies are considered to be various problems.


"People who become ill due to stress after entering society"

"Genetic changes from parents to offspring due to increased food compounds"

"Chemical Contaminants in Air"

"Decreased immunity due to lack of minerals" etc.There are various other causes


As a salt maker, I have no answer.I think it's chaotic. In such a modern society, we, salt craftsmen, recommend "sea salt" through food, and convey "Ishigaki salt and mineral balance" and "improvement of diet" to people with atopic allergies. , I hope that it will be an opportunity to reconsider the basic ingredient "salt"

From Ishigaki's salt craftsmen who aim to make salt that feels "delicious" and "safe"

​Responding to microplastics

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your patronage.


Well, this time, "microplastics" are tap water and salt in 13 countries around the world,

Research groups such as Incheon University in South Korea and the University of Minnesota in the United States have found that it is contained in beer.

There was an announcement, and there were reports in the media, etc. (Japan has not been surveyed)

Microplastics are 5mm in diameter that are created by broken plastic debris.

Although it is reported that it is less than a meter and the impact on human health is unknown,


At Ishigaki no Shio, since its founding, seawater, which is the raw material, has been filtered through a 5-micrometer mesh filter.


We are filtering all the amount.

In addition, after confirming with the relevant organizations, there is still no inspection method for microplastics.

It is information that there is no fixed method and it is difficult to request an inspection agency.

Currently, Ishigaki no Shio does not analyze microplastics due to the above problem.

As soon as the inspection method is established, we would like to request the inspection agency to handle the salt of Ishigaki.

We will continue to prioritize the preservation of the natural environment of Ishigaki Island and the safety and security of our products.

We appreciate your continued patronage of Ishigaki Salt.

*For reference: 1 micrometer = 1/1000 millimeter

Date October 18, 2018

Digression. I can't even eat seafood with this!

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