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Ishigaki Island and Ishigaki Salt

food related


Nishimoto 1717targethistory

​IshigakisaltArsenal front

The Yaeyama archipelago is a source of salt production. ​

Who are the ancestors on the island? for what

Why? Where did you start?



303 years of history

Genjikyoho 2nd year (1717 AD)

Ishigaki Island Meizouwan Lottery

Seawater moment begins.

Predecessor's analog sensor

A historical symbol of nature worship

Mountain ✕ Moon ✕ Stars ✕ Sun ✕ Rockconnect the dots and lines of

unique to islanderssense of values

​The birthplace of salt making in the Yaeyama Islands

It's the origin.

(Detailed information before visiting Yaeyama Museum)​


​ Okinawa's highest mountain

god of water

The origin of salt production in the Yaeyama Islands


    god of salt


Heading to Nagura in summer


full moon day

make a face

​symbolic rock

In the wonderful Yaeyama Islands, the birthplace of salt making

At present, there are about 18 islanders making "Ishigaki no Shio".

A court lady who is ready to serve,

We are also a salt maker!




Ishigaki Salt Chronology

1 7 1 7 yearsMaking salt in the Yaeyama Islands,

Starts at Ishigaki Island Nagura Bay Cudo

1997 Making salt in Ishigaki island.

To revive at Nagura Bay

2003 Selected as a remote island product in Okinawa Prefecture

Received an award for excellence.

2005 Natural salt generator and

Salt making method


2006 Japan Patent Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Japan's first

Acquisition of "regional collective trademark" first.

(No. 1 in Okinawa Prefecture, No. 1 in the salt industry) 

2015 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 6th 

Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award

Excellence Award




Recognition of Japan to Yaeyama Islands   

The long history of Ishigaki Island salt production.



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