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Friendly to people and nature

Yaeyama Islands and Ishigaki salt


Two years of Kyoho history

In front of the salt studio of Ishigaki ​

Yaeyama Islands Birthplace of salt making. ​

How did the ancestors of the island

Among the widely scattered islands of the Yaeyama Islands

​Did you choose this place?



303 years of history

Kyoho 2nd year (1717 AD)

Seawater from Ishigaki Island and Nagura Bay

from where it was picked up

Japan's southernmost Yaeyama Islands salt making

This is the beginning of history.

Predecessor's analog sensor

A historical symbol of nature worship

Mountain ✕ Moon ✕ Stars ✕ Sun ✕ Rockconnect the dots and lines of

unique to islanderssense of values

​The birthplace of salt making in the Yaeyama Islands

It's the origin.

​ (details at Yaeyama Museum) ​

The highest mountain in Okinawa Prefecture

​ god of water

The birthplace of salt making in the Yaeyama Islands

iconic rock


Heading to Nagura in summer


full moon day

make a face

​iconic stone

In the wonderful Yaeyama Islands, the birthplace of salt making

Currently, about 18 islanders

For making "Salt of Ishigaki"

I am participating.

everyone from aunt to ozzy

​I am a professional salt maker.




Okinawa/Yaeyama Islands

Ishigaki Salt Chronology

Starts at Ishigaki Island Nagura Bay Cudo

The wonderful history of the Yaeyama Islands and

the blessings of nature​ nationally recognized.



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