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Yaeyama Islands and Ishigaki salt

Friendly to people and nature

A rich forest that produces Ishigaki salt

mystery of the sea

"Even the salt was there from the beginning

About 18 minutes by car from the center of Ishigaki Island to the west. Nagura Bay, the largest bay on the island, is just behind the factory of "Ishigaki no Shio". The bay is surrounded by mountains and has Nagura Ampar, which is registered under the Ramsar Convention. The vastness of the sky that stands in front of you is so comfortable that you will forget the time.

​Ishigaki Island's largest bay
A marine community with a wide variety of flora and fauna
​Coral and sea history
​ Why is the sea protected?

The Yaeyama Islands are one of the world's leading diving spots. Even if you don't go deep into the sea, you can see beautiful coral just by snorkeling. Therefore, even on the island, people with high environmental awareness are taking the initiative in tackling the problem.

Image by Alessandra Caretto
​Thanks for the power and blessings of the sea

Since ancient times, the islanders have lived in harmony with the sea.
The sea is part of life. That's why I want the life of the sea to stay healthy. Nagura Bay harbors many lives, as if to respond to the feelings of the islanders. When I suddenly noticed, a small coral was sticking out of the sandy beach like an object. Its appearance is as if to say that even if the global environment changes a little, we will connect our lives. Lying at the bottom of the sea is a natural mystery beyond human understanding. That is what infuses the umami into the “Salt of Ishigaki”.

Thank you to the sea! 』

Japan's largest coral reef sea spreading between Ishigaki Island and Iriomote IslandIt is called Sekisei Lagoon. Its diverse and rich coral reef ecosystem is valuable in the world, and is regarded as the source of Japan's coral reefs, supplying coral larvae to the main island of Okinawa.

The Sekisei Lagoon Coral Reef Fund is widely seeking donations for activities that will continue to protect Sekisei Lagoon and its surrounding coral reefs.

Search for the Sekisei Lagoon Coral Reef Fund!

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