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Friendly to people and nature

Delicious relationship between Ishigaki Island and Ishigaki salt


Flavors that change with the seasons

Like ​period

Spring, summer, autumn, winter and nature change.
"Because! It's unnatural not to change."
It is indispensable for making salt, and the seawater also changes.
​That's why delicious and fun salt is born


The taste of Ishigaki salt


the soil changes

the sea changes


Ingredients born from the soil

Changes in shape, color and taste depending on the season

Good harvest​・May there be a bad harvest

The sea, which corresponds to soil, also changes.

So the taste of salt

It depends on the day it was made.


ingredients change

​That is the real thrill of Ishigaki salt.


The starry sky in front of the workshop is made of salt

shining like a crystal


The stars are beautiful at night in Nagura.

The starry sky is also a delicious dish.

​National Astronomical Observatory

The origin of delicious salt


Abundant starry sky

i.e.Selfnature is protected

even if there is evidencebe.

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