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History of salt production in the Yaeyama Islands,


Ishigaki Island Meizouwan Lottery

Seawater moment begins.

(Detailed information before visiting Yaeyama Museum)

At present, there are about 18 islanders producing "Ishigaki no Shio".

A court lady who is ready to serve,

We are also a salt maker!

Kyoho2years of history

Ishigaki Island


What is "Salt of Ishigaki"?

Located about 430 km southwest of Okinawa main island, it is the southernmost Yaeyama group of islands in Japan, including Iriomote Island, Taketomi Island, Yonaguni Island, Obama Island, Hateruma Island, Kuro Island, Orijima Island, Shinshiro Island, Ishigaki Island, etc. Kojima Gunju, Sea Basin "Ishigaki no Shio" is made from 100% seawater from this Yaeyama group.

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