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Ishigaki Island


Nishimoto 1717targethistory

#01 Ishigaki Island and Ishigaki's salty gourmet

Tracing back to the Japanese Kyoho 2nd year (Nishimoto 1717)

Yaeyama archipelago salt making

Ishigaki Island and Nagura Bay

Sea Bay Extraction Seawater

This is the beginning of the history of salt water made by us.

(For more information, visit the Yaeyama Museum)

Currently produced by 18 Shioyu islanders in Ishigaki

Ooba and Ooji

Kyoho2years of history

Every city is a professional salt maker.

Salt from Ishigaki

About 200 km southeast of Taipei, Taiwan,

Japan's southernmost Yaeyama archipelago,

Including Iriomote Island, Taketomi Island, Yonaguni Island,

Kohama Island, Hateruma Island, Kuroshima Island, Hatoma Island,

Group of small islands such as Aragusukujima and Ishigakijima,

Sea salt "Salt of Ishigaki" is here in the Yaeyama archipelago

100% natural seawater.

Ishigaki Island Salt Chronology

​ Yaeyama Islands



2016 award 

2015 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 6th 

Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award

Excellence Award

2006 Japan Patent Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

first time in japan

Acquisition of "regional collective trademark" first.

(No. 1 in Okinawa Prefecture, No. 1 in the salt industry) 

2005 Natural salt generator and

Generation method

Obtained from the Patent Office 

2003 Selected as a remote island product in Okinawa Prefecture

Received an award for excellence.

1997 Making salt in Ishigaki island.

To revive at Nagura Bay

1717 Salt production in the Yaeyama Islands

It begins at Nagura Bay Kudo on Ishigaki Island.

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