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Friendly to people and nature

​Let's ask

Ishigaki salt

To the workshop!

unique to the island

Ingredient studio

Unique to Ishigaki Island, made by pumping up seawaternatural ingredients

The workshop uses natural seasonings typical of the island.Those who seek or bath salts

etc., and visited the workshopI definitely recommend watching it.

(organic, macrobiotic, etc.)nature oriented,

Good for health-conscious people. )


Ishigaki no Shio Kobo-mae bus stop is marked with yellow.

slow down

You can also come slowly by bus trip.

Yaeyama Islands

Birthplace of salt making

View of Iriomote Ishigaki National Park located in the west of Ishigaki Island

The beach in front of the salt factory in Ishigaki started about 300 years ago

"The birthplace of salt making in the Yaeyama Islands"But there is

It is a beautiful place where the original scenery of the Yaeyama Islands remains.


Recommended time

Working hours, from 09:30 to 14:00!

Being able to come to the workshop on a blue sky dayRecommended.

on a fine dayYou can see the working scenery.

Ishigaki salt making experience

This experience is recommended for these people.

I can't enter today.” 

"It's fine if it's just enough to put your feet on

"I want to go into the sea, but 

I don't want to swim in the sea

"I'm out of time"

"Family children's independent research"

Making amulets while experiencing the nature of Ishigaki Island

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Garden Terrace 
​Ishigaki salt

For people like this. it's recommended.

Leisurely 2 to 8 peopleLooking at the sea of Nagura Bay

For those who want to spend time and talk slowly

Spend time in front of Nagura Bay.

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For a company training trip

If you are interested when you come to Ishigaki Island

Please feel free to contact us.

(At least 60 minutes or more will be supported)

Please contact us by email

Thank you.

(company name, schedule, number of people)

business hours

Monday-Sunday: 9:00am-18:00pm


Yaeyama Islands

Ishigaki Island



​By public transportation ​

Azuma Unyu Co., Ltd. Azuma Bus Service

From Ishigaki Bus Terminal

About 28 minutes to the bus stop "Ishigaki no Shio Kobo-mae"

​1 day free pass ¥1000

​Michikusa free pass ¥2000

​ (5 days)

​ (24 hours)

​By rental car​

28 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport​

18 minutes by car from Kabira Bay

​ 18 minutes by car from Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal

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