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"Vision of Ishigaki Salt"

Ishigaki salt always asks itself.

"What is morality to be kind to people?"


“What is coexistence with the earth and the natural environment?”

“What should Ishigaki salt look like?”​


"Salt of Ishigaki"

Enjoy with a smile

comfort foods

from baby to adult

to many people


"Friendly to People and Nature"

serve to provide—

That is the vision of Ishigaki Salt.


"Social Activities"

islandWe also naturally

relationship is not perfect.

Balance formation with forests and coral reefs on the earth

Based on the basic principle of Ishigaki Salt, in line with the island's original natural environment conservation activity program, a portion of the sales of "Ishigaki Salt" purchased by customers will be used for the "Coral and Forest Environmental Balance Program". I have received it.