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Wouldn't it be delicious to salt this dish?

Recommended when you think, "Is it delicious to eat this side dish, vegetables, tempura, etc. with salt?"


* Recommended usage *

Salad, olive salt, lemon salt, hot vegetables, steamed potatoes, tomatoes, vegetable tempura, boiled eggs


* Precautions for use *

95g of salt from Ishigaki is grilled salt.

The salt of Ishigaki is made smooth by evaporating the water with heat.

There is a high possibility that salt will harden around the kitchen or dining table where the humidity is high.

Please keep it in the refrigerator / freezer.

Ishigaki salt 60g (baked salt)

SKU: 452959600053
  • Ishigaki salt (smooth type)

    Ishigaki's salt is roasted and finished into a smooth type. Please do not put it on the table or kitchen.


    Particle size / texture / grain is small and texture is fine / texture is smooth.


    Raw material name / Seawater (Ishigaki Island)


    Capacity / 60g


    Storage method  / Please keep it in the refrigerator / freezer.


    Size / Φ40mm × 98mm

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