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For greasy ingredients

It is a salt that goes well with fatty animal ingredients such as fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, and pork.


* For dishes centered on meat and fish *

Steak, aqua pazza, grilled meat, pork cutlet, yakitori, grilled raw salmon, tempura (shrimp, fish)


※Use scene※

Single user ✕ Family user ✕ Barbecue ✕  camp  ✕ I like meat and fish dishes ✕ For processing ingredients such as meat and fish


* For people like this *

The salt content is about 20% lower than that of rock salt (* Note * changes depending on nature.) It is easy to use for those who are concerned about salt content and who are looking for suitable salt.

It is a salt with a lot of magnesium (bitterness and acridness) as an ingredient.

Ishigaki salt (sun-dried) 168g

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  • ~ Salt of Ishigaki (dried in the sun) ~

    Yaeyama Islands 100% seawater grown on coral reefs on Ishigaki Island is used as a raw material and dried in a hot sun hut at 50-70 ° C for about 3 weeks to 3 months. It is salt prepared by the islanders (Shimanchu) who was born by hand salting.


    "The origin is the same source of medicine and food"

    In the dialect of the island, "Nagura Bay, which means a place where fry gather. It is also designated as a Ramsar Convention registered site (international nature reserve). Mangrove forest and rich sea, which is safe and secure salt making. It is the origin. Please taste "salt" which is also an essential mineral based on the idea of the same source of medicine and food.



    Particle size / texture / grain size is about 5 to 6 mm. It's moist.


    Raw material name / Seawater (Okinawa / Ishigaki Island)


    Capacity / 168g


    Storage method / Freezer or refrigerator storage

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