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Ingredients that go well with each other

It goes well with sashimi, sushi, and steak.


Sashimi and sushi are generally eaten with soy sauce, but please try the sushi and other dishes with pearl salt.

Ishigaki salt (pearl salt)

  • Yaeyama Islands This salt is made from seawater grown on the coral reefs of Ishigaki Island and is made from 100% seawater. This salt is limited to the workshop direct sales office. It is a dish that you cannot usually see.


    ■ Particle size Please use a 3-5 mm (large) mill with grain crystals.

    ■ Capacity 150g

    ■ Raw material name Seawater (Okinawa / Ishigaki Island)



    * There is no food labeling label based on the Food Labeling Law for products only sold at the workshop direct sales office. Thank you for your understanding.

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