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Translation ants non-edible


How to use Recommended for bath salts, etc.


* Caution * There are black and yellow dots in the salt.

* Caution * Yellow color (iron) may ooze out from the salt.

* Caution * Salt contains scraped containers that were scraped in the workplace.


* For those who want to use it in cooking *

"Example: Yellow dots" "Example: Yellow salt" "Example: Black dots" "Other foreign substances" etc. should be removed by yourself and used for cooking.

(Not sorting work)


Preservation method

Store at room temperature

Translation Ali Ishigaki Salt 500g Non-returnable

  • Non-returnable


    We do not perform sorting work.


    It is not recommended for those who are worried about other small foreign substances such as small black dots and yellow dots, and those who are nervous. please note that.



    Ishigaki's salt is made from 100% seawater from the Yaeyama Islands, the southernmost island of Japan, which grows on coral reefs, and is finished in a kettle for 3 days.

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