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Recommended when you want to make pasta or stir-fried vegetables!

Spices work on dishes such as tomato-based pasta and vongole bianco to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.


* Recommended usage *

Stir-fried food, tempura, pasta, meat, steak, grilled meat, etc.


* Precautions for use *


The salt of Ishigaki is made smooth by evaporating the water with heat.

There is a high possibility that salt will harden around the kitchen or dining table where the humidity is high.

Please keep it in the refrigerator / freezer.

Konbu salt

SKU: 4525956001230
  • Ishigaki's salt ✕ Ishigaki's salt studio, which is a blend of roasted black kelp from Iwate prefecture  Limited "Konbu salt" 50g.


    Ingredient name Ishigaki salt 100% kelp (Kurokonbu from Iwate prefecture)

    Storage method

    Please do not put it on the table or kitchen. Please store in the refrigerator / freezer.

    Size Φ40 mm x 98 mm

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