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Human and Nature Friendly

Let's Visit! 

Salt of Ishigaki Craft Facility

The island’s unique food workshop 

The Ishigaki Island's unique natural food ingredients workshop, which is made by pumping up seawater, also has bath salts and other products for those who seek natural seasonings unique to the island.

(Good for organic, macrobiotic, and health-conscious people as well.)


The bus stop in front of Salt of Ishigaki Workshop is marked by yellow.

Slowly and leisurely. 

You can also take a bus trip and come slowly.

The birthplace of salt making 

in Yaeyama Islands

The beach in front of Salt of Ishigaki Studio is located in the west of Ishigaki Island and overlooking Iriomote Ishigaki National Park.


This place is the "birthplace of salt production in the Yaeyama Islands" that started about 300 years ago, and is a beautiful place where the original landscape of the Yaeyama Islands remains. 

Salt Making Experience

We recommend the experience to these people. 

People who : 

  • want to go in the ocean but cannot go in today. 

  • want to take a dip but don't want to swim in the ocean. 

  • have some free time. 

  • who want to do free research with your children

Making amulets while experiencing the nature of Ishigaki Island 

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Recommended Time of Day

Working hours (approx): 09:30 - 14:00! 

We recommend that you visit our workshop on a clear sunny day. On a fine day, you can take a peek at the work scene. 


For Company

Researcch Trips 

If you are interested in coming to Ishigaki Island, please feel free to contact us. 

Please contact us by E-mail. 

(Company name・Date・Number of People)

Garden Terrace 
Salt of Ishigaki

Recommended for: 

Spending time in front of Nagura Bay 

Two to eight people who want to relax and spend time looking at Nagura Bay and chatting each other.  

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Business Hours



Yaeyama Islands 



Access by

Public Transportation

AZUMA Transport Co.Ltd.

AZUMA BUS Operation 


From Ishigaki Ferry Terminal

to "Ishigaki no Shio Kobo Mae"

(In front of Salt of Ishigaki Craft Factory) 

About 28min

One Day Free Pass ¥1000​


​Michikusa Free Pass ¥2000


By Rental Car

  • 18 minutes drive from Kabira Bay

  • 28 minutes drive from Ishigaki Airport

  • 18 minutes drive from Ishigaki Ferry Terminal

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