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Human and Nature Friendly

Delicious Relationship Between

Yaeyama Island and Salt of Ishigaki


History since 1717

This place which Salt of Ishigaki workshop is build after the birthplace of salt production in the Yaeyama Islands. ​

Why did our island ancestors choose this place among the widely scattered islands of the Yaeyama Islands?



306 years History

The history of salt production in the Yaeyama Islands, the southernmost part of Japan, started in 1717. 



Analogue sensa of our ancestors

and the unique value of the islanders

in the Yaeyama Islands are the origin of the birthplace of salt production. 
The value can be seen in the discovery

of connecting the dots of the historical symbols of the nature worship, such as

the highest mountain top,

the moon, the stars, the sun,

and the iconic rock, to a line. 

(For more information,

please visit the Yaeyama Museum.)

The God of Water lives in the highest mountain in Okinawa.


There is an Iconic Rock at the birthplace of salt production in the Yaeyama Islands.


In summer,


the sun sets toward Nagura Bay.

The iconic stone only shows


the surface on full moon days. 

About 18 islanders are currently participating 


in the production of Salt of Ishigaki

in such a beautiful place, 

the birthplace of salt production

in the Yaeyama Islands. . 

Participating islanders are


men and women of all age


including the elderly man (Ojii) and 


the elderly woman (Obaa), 

who are professional salt craftsmen. 



Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa

Timeline of
Salt of Ishigaki 

1717:Salt production in the Yaeyama Islands begins at Nagura Bay Cood, Ishigaki Island.

​1997:Salt making in Ishigaki, Yaeyama Islands, revived in Nagura Bay. 

2003:Received the Award of Excellence for products for the remote islands of Okinawa Prefecture.

2005:Obtained a patent for natural salt generating equipment and salt manufacturing method. 


2006:Obtained Japan's first "Regional Collective Trademark" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Japan Patent Office. (The first in Okinawa Prefecture and the first in the salt industry)


2013:Featured at NHK - Shin Nihon Fudoki "Moon Night".

2015:Obtained Trade and Industry 6th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award for Excellence by Ministry of Economy.



The wonderful history and
natural blessings of
the Yaeyama Islands have been
recognized by the government



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