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Our Vision 

 We are constantly asking ourselves,

"What does it mean to be

kind to others?"

"How to coexist with the earth

and the natural environment?" 

"What should Salt of Ishigaki be?"

"What is Salt of Ishigaki?"

The vision of Salt of Ishigaki is

to provide comfortable ingredient 


that can be enjoyed from


babies to adults with a smile and ease, 


and to provide 


"kindness to people and nature"


to as many people as possible.


Sosial Activities

In our salt production on the island, our relationship with nature is not perfect. 

We follow the unique Salt of Ishigaki program of natural environment conservation activities on the island, which is based on the basic principle of forming a balance with the forests and coral reefs of the Earth. 

A prtion of the proceeds from your purchase of Salt of Ishigaki is utilized for the "Coral and Forest Enviromental Balance Program".