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The Yaeyama Archipelago's pursuit of salt production reaches Japan's Kyoho 2nd year (Nishimoto 1717)

Ishigaki Island and Nagura Bay Seawater Extraction

This is the beginning of the history of salt water made by us.

(For more information, visit the Yaeyama Museum)

Currently produced by 18 Shioyu islanders in Ishigaki


Ooba and Ooji

Every city is a professional salt maker.

Kyoho2years of history

Nishimoto 1717targethistory

Ishigaki Island


Salt from Ishigaki

Located about 430 kilometers southwest of Okinawa main island, the southernmost Yaeyama Islands in Japan, including Iriomote Island, Taketomi Island, Yonaguni Island, Kohama Island, Hateruma Island, Kuroshima, Hatoma Island, Aragusuku Island, Ishigaki Island, and other small islands. "Salt of Ishigaki" is made from 100% seawater from the Yaeyama archipelago.

The Ishigaki salt website is created by the "salt craftsman" himself. Thank you for your understanding.

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