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Types of Ishigaki salt

Ishigaki Island traditional iron pot simmering method, reheated and dried salt.

60g (bottle)

95g (refill package)

Features: small granules

Texture:light lubricating powder

Storage method: refrigerated / frozen

Compatible dishes: Soup mixed with coconut oil, mixed raw vegetable salad, steamed noodles, fried garlic, chili pepper

roasted salt



low temperature dry salt

Ishigaki island traditional iron pot simmering method.


Shape: small granules

Texture: Moisturizing


Suitable dishes: Yumono, stir-fried green vegetables, simmering, noodle making, etc.

Green vegetables and hot water

Salt of Ishigaki (Sunrise salt)



Salt from Ishigaki Island's traditional sunshine natural drying process.

Features: Large granules Storage method: Normal temperature

Texture: Large granules



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