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Delicious Relationship Yaeyama Islands and Salt of Ishigaki

It is said that there are more than
300 kinds of salt in Japan surrounded by the sea. 
Thank you for your interest in Salt of Ishigaki
among the many varieties of salt. 
In this special feature page,
we hope you can get a sense
of which part of Japan Salt of Ishigaki was born,
the relationship between
the forest, the sea, nature and us,
and the secret of the delicious taste.
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Delicious Relationship Yaeyama Islands and Salt of Ishigaki

​ What is Ishigaki Salt?

About 430 km further southwest of Okinawa, and located in the southernmost part of Japan,

石垣の塩 職人.jpg


"What is

Salt of Ishigaki?"

ingredient is only seawater


no additives


no additions

"Human and

Nature Friendly"

This salt is based on the concept


​Yaeyama islands that nurture the Salt of Ishigaki

Japanese southernmost Yaeyama Islands are reached by ANA, JAL, PEACH, etc. There are direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka, and Hong Kong and other overseas.

From Ishigaki Island,

the main island of Yaeyama Islands,

you can visit each island. 


Ishigaki Island

Yonaguni Island

Iriomote Island

Hatoma Island

Kohama Island

Taketomi Island


Aragusuku Island

Hateruma Island

The Yaeyama Islands have a population of approximately 53,723.

Out of those, Ishigaki Island has a population of about 48,000,

a circumference of 162km and an area of 228km2.

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