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Ishigaki Island's Natural Book Nigari 500ml

SKU: 4525956000936
  • ~ Salt minerals in Ishigaki ~
    Ishigaki Island's Natural Book Nigari

    Ishigaki's salt mineral (Natural book of Ishigaki Island) is born from people who are prepared by islanders (Simanchu) and hand-salted with 100% seawater from Nagura Bay, the southernmost Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa where coral reefs grow, and nature-friendly salt. rice field. A few drops of "Ishigaki's salt mineral" in 500 ml of water. By adding it, it quickly changes to mineral water (hard water)!


    "The origin is the same source of medicine and food"

    In the dialect of the island, "Nagura Bay, which means a place where fry gather. It is also designated as a Ramsar Convention registered site (international nature reserve). Mangrove forest and rich sea, which is safe and secure salt making. It is the origin. Please taste "salt" which is also an essential mineral based on the idea of the same source of medicine and food.



    Particle size / texture / moist feeling.


    Raw material name / Seawater (Okinawa / Ishigaki Island)


    Capacity / 500ml


    Storage method / Room temperature storage

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