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Human and Nature Friendly

Delicious relationhip betweenSalt of Ishigaki and Yaeyama Island  


Deliciousness Changes with the Seasons

Like the Cycle of
the Stars and the Moon

Every spring, summer, fall, and winter, the nature changes. "Because, it's quite unnatural if it does not change!" Of course, the seawater, indispensable for  salt production, also changes. That's why, delicious and exciting salt has born. 


The taste of Salt of Ishigaki is

as delicious and natural as the cycles of the stars and the moon.  


The Soil Changes

The Ocean Changes


Just as the shape, color, and taste of food born from the soil changes with the seasons, and the harvest and crop failures vary, so too does the ocean, which corresponds to the soil, change.

Therefore, the taste of salt also changes depending on the day it is made.

The ingredients also change.

That is the best part of Ishigaki salt.


The starry sky
in front of our workshop
shines like crystals of salts


The stars are beautiful at night in Nagura. 
The starry sky is also a part of deliciousness. 

At the foot of the National Astronomical Observatory, the origin of delicious salt is hidden.

The richness of the starry sky, in other words, is evidence that nature is protected.

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