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Recommended when you want to make pasta or stir-fried vegetables!

Spices work on dishes such as tomato-based pasta and vongole bianco to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.


* Recommended usage *

Stir-fried food, tempura, pasta, meat, steak, grilled meat, etc.


* Precautions for use *

60g of Piparts Salt is a blend of 100% Ishigaki salt and Piparts (pepper) from Ishigaki Island.

The salt of Ishigaki is made smooth by evaporating the water with heat.

There is a high possibility that salt will harden around the kitchen or dining table where the humidity is high.

Please keep it in the refrigerator / freezer.

Ishigaki Island Piparts Salt

SKU: 4525956001186
  • Ishigaki Salt ✕ Ishigaki Salt Studio, a blend of roasted Ishigaki Island Piparts  It is a limited "Ishigakijima Piparts Salt".


    What is Piparts?

    Pepper that was introduced from Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Indonesia by the Maritime Silk Road during the Ryukyu dynasty. Currently, in the Yaeyama Islands, it is the food culture of the Yaeyama Islands that you can taste it before eating it before eating it, or in addition to juicy (takikomi gohan).


    Features of Ishigaki Island Piparts Salt

    It has a characteristic scent and is characterized by a cinnamon-like scent. The spiciness is gentle and there is no strong punch like black pepper. It features salt and pepper that is gentler than ordinary salt and pepper. Difference from commercially available salt and pepper (amino acid-free / additive-free)


    Ingredient name Ishigaki 100% salt Piparts (from Ishigaki Island)


    Storage method

    Please do not put it on the table or kitchen. Please store in the refrigerator / freezer.

    Size Φ40 mm x 98 mm

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