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A Summary of Ishigaki Island's Charms and Popular Souvenirs

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The Charm of Ishigaki Island, a Remote Island of Okinawa

Ishigaki Island, located southwest of the main island of Okinawa, is a popular tourist spot for its rich nature and mysterious atmosphere. Here, we will tell you about the charm and popular souvenirs of Ishigaki Island, which attracts many people from Okinawa, the Yaeyama Islands, and Ishigaki, where delicious salt is made on Ishigaki Island.

Popular sightseeing spots Ishigaki Island charm

beautiful marine blue sea

Speaking of Ishigaki Island, the beautiful marine blue sea is famous. You can enjoy marine sports to your heart's content on Ishigaki Island, where beautiful seas and coral reefs spread out. Why don't you go snorkeling or scuba diving and play with colorful tropical fish?



You can observe 84 of the 88 constellations in the Yaeyama Islands. It is also famous as one of the leading starry sky observation areas in Japan because you can see all 21 first-magnitude stars.


Food of Ishigaki Island

On Ishigaki Island, you can enjoy tropical fruits that you cannot find on the mainland, as well as meals made with fresh seafood. We also recommend Yaeyama soba, a specialty of Ishigaki beef, a brand of beef. Many shops offer these.

Introducing popular souvenirs!


Ryukyu glass

"Ryukyu glass", which is a craft specialty of Ishigaki Island and has a high transparency reminiscent of the sea of Ishigaki Island, is a popular product as a souvenir from Ishigaki Island. Cups are good, but accessories that are light and easy to carry are also recommended.


Kawahira no Shizuku

Kabira no Shizuku is made from a mixture of coral sand and red clay taken from the bottom of Kabira Bay, a famous spot on Ishigaki Island, and Ryukyu glass.


Craftsmen carefully make accessories such as necklaces and earrings one by one.

mincer weave

Small items such as key chains, bags, and book covers made from Minsa weave, a traditional fabric produced on Ishigaki Island and the neighboring island of Taketomi Island, are popular as souvenirs. There is also a Minsa weaving experience on site, so you can make your own unique Minsa weave in the world.


Sata Andagi

Sata Andagi is a famous Okinawan sweet. You can enjoy two different textures: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

In addition to plain, you can enjoy various kinds of sata andagi such as cinnamon, brown sugar, banana, purple yam, mugwort, and dragon fruit.


Ishigaki salt

"Ishigaki no Shio", which uses the seawater around the Yaeyama Islands, where untouched nature remains, is popular as a souvenir. "Ishigaki no Shio" is a proud product that won the "Manufacturing Japan Grand Prize" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2015.


Salt is a seasoning that is always on hand in most households, so it doesn't matter who you give it to as a souvenir. It is also recommended for those who are tired of standard souvenirs such as sweets and awamori.

Would you like to order salt from Okinawa, the Yaeyama Islands, and Ishigaki, one of the popular souvenirs from Ishigaki Island? Ishigaki salt contains minerals other than sodium chloride, which enhances the taste of the ingredients.


If you are looking for delicious sea salt, please use the mail order of salt from Okinawa, Yaeyama Islands, and Ishigaki.

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