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How to choose salt for cooking

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Let's change according to dishes and ingredients! how to choose salt

~Delicious Okinawan salt for both vegetable and meat dishes~

Salt is essential for seasoning food. There are three main types of salt: sea salt, rock salt, and lake salt. We will introduce you to the compatibility of salt and food, so please try using it properly.

Types of salt and compatibility with food

There are three main types of salt, each with different amounts of the main mineral components (sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium).


Below is a summary of the types of salt, their ingredients, and their compatibility with food. Please help us to choose delicious salt.


Sea salt x Japanese food

Sea salt, which is made from seawater, is characterized by containing not only sodium but also various mineral components such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.


It goes well with Japanese food such as rice balls, raw sashimi, and fish dishes. It is also perfect for dressing vegetable salads.


Rock salt x meat dishes


Rock salt, which is said to be a fossil of salt, is produced overseas, such as in the Americas and Europe. There is also pink or yellow rock salt that takes in components such as minerals and sulfur from the surrounding soil and rocks.


It takes a long time to crystallize, so it has a rather spicy and salty taste. Therefore, it goes well with meat dishes that bring out the flavor of the ingredients. In particular, it contains ingredients that soften the meat, so it goes well with red meat that is slightly hard.


Lake salt x simmered

Culinary lake salt is characterized by a gentle and mild flavor. It can be said that salt is suitable for simmered dishes because it has the characteristic of becoming sweet when simmered for a long time. It also enhances the taste of refreshing marinades and lightly pickled vegetables.

Knowing the type of salt and its compatibility with the food will help bring out the flavor of the ingredients.


If you are looking for sea salt that can be used for various dishes online, please use salt from Okinawa, the Yaeyama Islands, and Ishigaki. It is a delicious salt made by a simple method of boiling down seawater drawn from Nagura Bay in Ishigaki Island in a pot for 3 days. We have fine-grained salt that goes well with vegetables and soup, and coarse salt that goes well with meat.


We can order from all over the country, so if you are looking for delicious salt, please check it out.

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