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About the taste of salt

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Enjoy different flavors of salt

Salt is a basic seasoning for cooking, as it is said to be the "sashisuseso" of cooking. The proper use of salt will change the taste of the dish. We will consider whether the taste of salt changes between solid and liquid. We will also introduce the relationship between the taste of salt and bittern.

Does the taste of salt change between solid and liquid?

individual salt

Salt may be used individually, such as salt for dipping pla and salt sprinkled on French fries. When you put it in your mouth as an individual, you can feel the taste of salt directly. The feature is that you can enjoy it without disturbing the taste of high-quality ingredients.


liquid salt

Liquid salt used to season soup is not very conscious of its salty taste. In this case, the salt works to bring out the umami of the dashi stock and ingredients.


What is bittern


What is Nigari?

Nigari is a food additive whose main ingredient is magnesium chloride extracted from seawater.


According to the Food Sanitation Law, it is called "crude seawater magnesium chloride". When sea water is boiled down, water containing sodium chloride and magnesium chloride is obtained.


Ingredients of Nigari

The main component of bittern is magnesium chloride. Others include sodium and potassium.

What does bittern taste like?

As the name suggests, bittern has a bitter taste due to the presence of magnesium.


Relationship between the taste of salt and bittern

Salt containing bittern has a deeper taste than ordinary refined salt. Magnesium has a mild bitterness, and this bitterness makes food delicious. Also, calcium adds sweetness to salt, and potassium adds sourness to salt.


In this way, you can see that bittern has the function of adding a natural flavor to salt.

Sea salt is not only rich in sodium chloride, but also rich in minerals such as magnesium and calcium, so you can feel the umami. If you are looking for salt made from the natural rich sea of Okinawa, please use Okinawa, Yaeyama Islands, and Ishigaki salt products.


We incorporate modern technology into the old-fashioned manufacturing method to the extent that it does not burden nature. In addition to sizes that are convenient for everyday use, we also offer sizes that are recommended for business use. Please enjoy the sea salt of Okinawa.

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