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Introducing the characteristics of Okinawan salt!

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Delicious salt! Characteristics of Okinawan salt

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When you think of sea salt, many people probably think of Okinawa. In Okinawa, salt is called "masu", and dishes such as "masu-ni" have been popular for a long time. I would like to consider why Okinawa salt is famous from various viewpoints.

Why Okinawa salt is sweet and delicious

Okinawa is an island made up of coral reefs.

Okinawa is an island made up of coral reefs. The secret of delicious salt is hidden in this coral reef. Coral reefs carry out photosynthesis.


This photosynthesis not only purifies the seawater, but also releases minerals. For this reason, we have the conditions to make beautiful seawater + minerals and delicious salt.

There are few things that pollute seawater

The fact that there are few factories that pollute the seawater is also a factor in producing delicious salt. Since Okinawa Prefecture does not have a large industrial area, there are almost no factories.


In addition, a warm current called the Kuroshio Current flows through the sea of Okinawa. Seas in areas where warm currents flow are characterized by less turbidity and transparency. The reason is that warm currents have the ability to decompose plankton and microorganisms.


Okinawan salt is sweet and delicious

Okinawan salt is said to be “sweet and delicious”. Because the salt is made using seawater from coral reefs, the salt is sweetened with more coral minerals.


There are about 150 types

About 150 types of salt are made at about 30 salt factories in Okinawa. Since the taste of salt differs depending on the production method and production area, various salts can be used according to the purpose. This culture of being particular about "salt" is thought to be the background behind the creation of delicious salt.

If you order sea salt from Okinawa by mail order, please use Okinawa/Yaeyama Islands/Ishigaki salt products. We offer salt made from Ishigaki, a remote island in Okinawa.


In Ishigaki, where the sea is beautiful and nature is abundant, delicious salt is popular as a souvenir. By all means, please try the sweet Ishigaki salt once.

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